I am selling some of my fansites.

Domain Only:

jessica-rothe.net & jessicarothe.net - $16 for both

liv-tyler.net - $40 / I hope someone builds a great website for her. This site isn't online yet, but I have lots to donate to whoever would like to build it.

sarah-levy.net - Free to someone who will make a site :-)

Domain + Content:

lilireinhart.net - $75 / I have put a ton of time and money into this site. It is almost complete just needs her TV appearances, online interviews etc.

kate-hudson.net - $125 / I love Kate so much so I want this to go to someone who will make an awesome resource for her. I have tons of photos that aren't on the site that are included.

please DM me on Twitter or send an email to fadedfairytale(@)gmail.com